Monday, May 31, 2010

Eating in Kansas City, MO

It has been a while since I've been able to blog, and it seems like in that time, I have heard of some great new resources and found out some more people I know may be gluten free.   I will try to post the resources as I can.

I'm in Kansas City right now at a NAFSA professional conference, and overall I have to say that it has been surprisingly easy to eat well.  I found a place in the Denver Airport that served rice bowls, and here I have gone to this great market near the Convention Center that has a salad bar.

The only glitches so far are:
1) I ate the seasoned potatoes at breakfast this morning before I thought to ask if they had wheat on them.  They did, but luckily I haven't felt any strong negative consequences today.  I did make sure to take a probiotic, so perhaps that helped.

2) At the KCISS reception tonight, I could only eat one of the appetizers they had at the buffet (some sort of meat kabobs).  I'm guessing that may be a problem the entire conference since caterers often have wheaty appetizers large group events.

Stay tuned!