Friday, February 19, 2010

Listening to the body

I found out that someone I know at work has also been mainly gluten free, in her case for the past two years. She found that she had skin problems, and went to dermatologists and doctors who told her that there wasn't anything that she can do, and that diet didn't matter. She noticed, however, that when she ate wheat and gluten, her skin broke out. So, she has stopped eating it (except occasionally).

There seem to be some themes for people who go gf:
1) Listening to one's body seems to be a big part of this. Unfortunately, for some reason, my body was acting like it had eaten wheat starting yesterday afternoon. Very puzzling! Starting around 4 pm, I had all the normal symptoms for me of having eating something my body didn't like (bloating, intestinal discomfort, etc.). I cooked everything I ate yesterday (except for the carrots and gf ginger snaps from TJs). I also had a new type of tea from a bag. Was it something I ate or drank? Could it be dairy?

2) It is sometimes hard to know what your body is saying. Another theme of going gf seems to be testing, trial and error. Ahhh.... Another day of this experiment awaits.


  1. What kind of tea? Some can cause g.i. problems.

  2. Hi Beth, I just realized that you have been posting comments! How cool. The tea was a chai from Mighty Leaf Tea. What kinds of teas have you heard about?

  3. I'll have to ask my sister. She was drinking tons of some super-healthy tea, and discovered it was giving her digestive problems. I'll ask and get back to you.