Thursday, February 25, 2010

Your suggestions and comments

Thanks so much to all of you who have been reading this and/or sending me feedback. Here are the suggestions and comments you have:

JHJ's hands-down favorite GF pasta is Tinkyada. They even make a lasagna noodle version. (I agree that it's great!)

JL.: Trader Joe's has organic brown rice pasta. (Good and usually cheaper!)

BW heard that that the glue used in some tea bags contains gluten. (Yikes!)

SB found the Whole-Life-Nutrition-Cookbook to be a great resource for menu ideas/recipes that are gluten free. She picked up my copy at New Season's. I use it all the time. Also has a good bit about food for babies, trying to prevent food allergies etc. (I've requested the book through the Corvallis Library.)

BN told me that you can get a child tested for anemia.

So, thanks again, for joining me on this journey and for all your great thoughts and support. Keep 'em coming...

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