Sunday, April 11, 2010

The only hard part about going gf is...

BREAD! You may think I'm joking, but I am not. There are a lot of delicious gluten free foods out there, but the one that seems nearly impossible to make great is bread. As part of this weekend, we went to three gf bakeries (2 in Seattle and one in Portland). I had one of the best cupcakes ever at Cascadia Bakery in Portland, but the bread...bleh. I'm hoping that they just had a bad bread day.  The Flying Apron in Seattle's Freemont district also had some scrumptious treats, but I didn't see any bread. Perhaps they didn't have any that day? Then, this morning we went to Wheatless in Seattle. Amazingly good apricot cheese danishes and lemon bars, but the bread had all the telltale traits of gf breads (either it is light but falls apart easily or is dense and heavy, and in all cases it is expensive). I know it is hard to immitate gluten, but it seems to be most difficult to do in breads!  I have found that other baked goods are easier to make yummy so that the gluten isn't missed. But, bread is tough! I remember why I was so excited when I discovered Rudi's Spelt bread. It tastes and acts like wheat bread.  From all my research, I still think that the Millet bread at Living Earth Bakery is the best gf bread I've tried.

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