Friday, April 2, 2010


Well, I have to say that this is not my favorite gf grain so far. I got some of the Maskal Teff, which is apparently an ancient grain from Ethiopia, from the Co-op and made some whole grain teff porridge a few days ago. On the positive side, one cup of dry teff to 3 cups of water makes a LOT of teff porridge! It is a very dense little grain. Alexander had a few spoonfuls, too. It was a bit dry, and thus hard for him to swallow. Perhaps I cooked it too long? I did it as directed, so perhaps this is just how it is.

Day 2: The second day, Alexander and I switched to eggs and gf toaster waffles.

Day 3: The third day, I tried heating it up the leftovers like little pancakes and eating it with syrup. The teff itself doesn't have a strong flavor, so this was okay.

Day 4: And, this morning, I've heated it up and added sesame butter for some additional flavor and moisture. This seems to be the best. It also may be one of those things where it is growing on me.

Day 5: ? There's still a little bit left, so I may have to get creative tomorrow.

On the recipe insert that came with the teff package, it suggests cooking the teff in combination with other grains (brown rice, millet, kasha, or corn meal). I think the cookbook also suggests mixing it with quinoa. Perhaps for another day...

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